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LED Grow Light KD Permutation Series


This Grow Light can be used for helping plants development in biological environment.

. All types of hydroponics, horticulture and agriculture purpose
. Seeding, rooting, breeding, flowering and fruiting periods
. Locations: farm, exhibition, garden, home, urban, bonsai and univerity lab
. Gorwth of fruits, vegetables, flowers and so on


On/off devices to make control much easier

Step dimming for different period of growth

Adjustable power consumption and Iumination area

This product integrated heat sink and driver, extrustion pure aluminum can 100% ensure heat dissipation

High power branded Epileds with high PAR Value

Including Special spectrum like provides by IR (Infrared) to increase the yield

Passive heat sink and integrated driver

Energy Saving, environmental friendly

Adjustable linear bar quantity to make much more convenient repair and replacement in the future

3 years warranty or other warranty period specified in agreement


Typical model specification

  • Data Sheet
  • Certificates
  • Operating Instructions
  • Light Distributuion Curve