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LED Grow Light Panel TS Series
LED Grow Light Panel features an optimized light spectrum most favorable for plant growth.
Its spectrum is great for all stages of plant growth, especially the vegetative and flowering stage.
It can be used as a primary lighting or as a supplemental lighting source in an indoor grow environment.

• Hydroponics, horticulture,
agriculture and greenhouse.
• Locations: Farm, exhibition, garden,    
home, urban, bonsai and university lab.
• Growth of Fruits, Vegetables,
Flowers, Marijuana and so on.


Model TS-600 TS-1000 TSW-2000 TS-3000
Input Power 100±5% W 150±5% W 300±5% W 450±5% W
Efficacy 1 2.2  µ mol/J
PPF 1 220±5% µmol/s 330±5% µmol/s 660±5% µmol/s 990±5% µmol/s
Efficacy 2 2.9 µ mol/J
PPF 2 290±5% µmol/s 435±5% µmol/s 870±5% µmol/s 1305±5% µmol/s
Input voltage 100-277V AC
Weight 1.8kg | 3.96Ibs 2.3kg | 5Ibs 4.4kg | 9.7Ibs 6.6kg | 14.5Ibs
Light Distribution 120°
Certifications Wet Location
Power Factor >=0.98
Lifetime L90 >50,000hrs
Warranty 3 Years

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