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The tough marine environment posed a particular challenge to the design of lighting.The conditions on the sea necessitated reliability and durability products,can protected against shocks and corrosion caused by salt water spray, standing salt water, crude oil and solvents.


With over 10 years of lighting experience, Venas has a lot of marine related knowledge and has gradually become a major supplier in the field of LED Marine fixtures.


We supply users with MED, Lloyd’s- and ABS-certified lighting products, which also comply with all the relevant regulations for use worldwide in hazardous areas and on ships.


Our LED Marine fixtures are resistant to corrosive gases ,have IP68 protection,are able to withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +55 °C. LED drive adopt stable performance components to ensure long life of the drive circuit, constant current circuit design and there is abort circuit and overload circuit protection to ensure LED long term and stable work.Also,we adopts good LED illuminant,the work life can be more than 50000 hours, energy-saving, high lighting and environment protection.The seawater-resistant materials used make the products a reliable, durable choice for maritime applications.



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