Products we can Offer

Venas can support the commercial lighting fixtures, industrial lighting fixtures, hazardous location fixtures and equipments, industrial electrical equipments and systems to global infrastructures.


Venas' a global leading LED lighting supplier,products are applicable to all industries. Not only the hundreds of lighting products can be to available that meet any requirements you may have, but also Venas can offer the best and most suitable solutions for your specific applications.


            Venas makes every effort to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

About Us
Why choose us?  Venas, a global LED lighting supplier, was founded in 2008. There are more than 900 excellent employees in our company. With over 10 years of lighting experience, Venas has a lot of industry knowledge and has gradually become a major supplier in the field of the LED commercial fixtures, LED Industrial Luminaires,Explosion proof products and so on, and we have filed patents applications for over ten different products to protect our original idea. Product SuperiorityVenas focuses on of…
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