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Petrol Station

Case Challenge


The Petrol Station is a quite hazardous location, where explosion-proof LED fixtures are indispensable. Using unqualified lights may cause massive economic losses or even casualties. This Petrol Station was in need of high brightness luminaires that are safe and economic. Our LED Canopy light, meeting all those requirements, was just what they need.

Our Solution


LED Canopy fixture from Venas is a ceiling mount fixture for general lighting applications, such as the Gas Station, loading, docks, and parking garages. Our 100-watt canopy light can produce 12000 lumens of 5000K cool white light, and it's easy to install and entails low maintenance cost. Using our canopy will reduce energy consumption by up to 50% and practically require no maintenance for up to 10 years compared to the traditional fixtures. Also, the Canopy light eliminated the rising concern that replacement lamps and other repair parts wouldn't be available for their traditional lights in the short term.



The Canopy of Venas ensured the staff's safety and optimized the working environment by providing fixtures with superior illumination quality. The customer was satisfied with the performance of this product and was willing to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Venas.

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