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Education Applications

In the past decades, teaching methods, teaching media and complete schoolday activities have greatly developed. It is high time that lighting should be updated as well. The positive impact of the right light on the ability to concentrate, well-being and safety was scientifically verified several years ago.

Unlike fluorescent light, LED light is mercury-free and 100% recyclable, making it the most eco-friendly lighting option.  Using less energy than any lighting fixtures in the market, LED light can cut down energy consumption and maintenance costs drastically.

In consideration of the importance of adequate lighting in educational environments, Venas’ products improve lighting performance in schools, while generating even higher energy savings by incorporating efficient lighting systems.

Venas provides schools and universities with various optimal lighting by combining with high color rendering index (CRI), reduced glare, and low energy consumption. Venas’ luminaires not only delivers efficiency, but also help to create comfortable and friendly learning environments.

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