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Hazardous Location Lighting Project

Venas' Explosion Proof Light A Series High Bay Operated Successfully in Oil Refinery
Application Scenario: Oil Refinery

Product: Explosion Proof Light A Series High Bay

Project Background:

This oil refinery is typically a large, sprawling industrial complex with extensive pipes running throughout, carrying streams of flammable fluids among large chemical processing units. There are as many as 800,000 to 900,000 barrels (127,000 to 143,000 cubic meters) of crude oil processed in this oil refinery per day.

As we all know, 
 explosion and fire might be created by the presence of flammable and explosive gas in the air in an oil plant. In such a hazardous and harsh environment, safe production is very important, and safe illumination plays a significant role in the security system. Therefore, reliable lighting is demanded to avoid any accident, or it will cause irretrievable and huge loss and damage.


This oil refinery covers vast areas and it needs lots of high-performance and durable lights to provide bright light. The customer expected that we could offer explosion-proof lighting with high light efficiency while minimizing the cost as low as possible.

Our Solution:

Venas introduced its A Series High Bay that came with strong luminous efficacy, ensuring the safety of man, machine, and environment. Compared with the traditional lights, this product is more than just premium quality. Traditional light is often energy inefficient and requires constant maintenance, while this product is highly efficient with low maintenance cost.

We successfully delivered significant energy and cost savings over time, and our customer was content to have the plant upgrade its lighting system.

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