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Junction Box Series EX-HD51


These junction boxes can be used for electrical connection in hazardous locations.

. All Petroleum Production and Refinery
. Petroleum Loading and Transportation
. Petroleum Storage and Retail
. Paint Facilities
. Pumping Stations in any Environment
. Metal Smelting, Foundry and Fabrication
. Ming Operations and Service
. Ocean Platform Facilities and Structure
. Aerospace Clean Room and Production
. Chemical Production and Storage
. Ocean Vessel Operations
. Military Space Conditions
. Flour and Fine Particle Production and Storage
. Food and Distilling Production
. Electrical Power Generation and Stations
. Other high humidity, high vapor, high dust and  high temperature locations 


Impact resistant copper free aluminum

Powder coated surface treatment.

Explosion proof, dust tight and water tight.

Available as On/Off switch and two-way
control switch.

Two versions of enclosure available.


Rating and Certificates



UL1203 and UL50

Class l,Division 1, Groups A,B,C,D

Class l,Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D

Class ll,Division 1, Groups E,F,G

Class ll,Division 2, Groups F,G 

Class lll

Marine and Wet Locations



5 years limited warranty and any other warranty period specified in agreement

Typical model 

Product Code Holes for Cable Entry Type
EX-HD51-A1 1 Type A
EX-HD51-A2 2
EX-HD51-A3 3
EX-HD51-A4 4
EX-HD51-A5 5
EX-HD51-B3 3 Type B
EX-HD51-B3A 3
EX-HD51-C4A 4

Type C


EX-HD51-C4B 4
EX-HD51-C6 6
EX-HD51-C8 8
EX-HD51-KB1 5 Type KB1



• Only offer 5 year's warranty or any other warranty period specified in the contract for the product from the date of purchase:
• Invoice or shipment bill is required to claim the warranty.
• The warranty policy only requires manufacturer to repair the defective product or send substitute for replacement.
• Installation labor, electricity cost and other related cost will not be covered by the manufacturer warranty policy.
• Warranty doesn't cover the defect caused by inappropriate use, especially if directions of the instructions for use are not observed, normal abrasion as well as failures which affect the value or use of the product insignificantly.