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Grow Light Performed Well in Cannabis Yields

Venas's Grow Light Achieved Success in Cannabis Cultivating
End Customer: Cannabis Growing Team, Pharmaceuticals Company
Project Background & Requirement:
Pharmaceuticals Company needed durable grow light to promote yields and quality of cannabis they were cultivating. Cannabis can only live in extreme conditions and needs long-term lighting. So the grow light must come with durability and sustainability to work all day in challenging environments.
Our Solution
Every part of the grow light can withstand chemicals, fertilizers, methane emissions, nitrous oxide, heat, humidity, water, dust, and dirt. Venas is confident with the grow light's robust construction and excellent performance in a harsh living environment. Special materials are used to improve the durability of corrosion-resistant frames. Also, the modular design of our grow light allows customers to conveniently change out the printed circuit board, which can save more energy and lower the growing cost. And we promise a 5-year LED warranty for our customers. 
Venas successfully exceeded customers’ expectations. Cannabis planted in Pharmaceuticals Company has realized higher yields and quality, and the customer was content with the non-maintenance benefit of our reliable grow light. 

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