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Venas' LED Strip Light Series in Saudi Arabian Airport

Venas' Strip Light Series was Recognized by Saudi Arabian Customer
End Customer: Riyadh Airport
Location: Saudi Arabia

Project Background:
Riyadh Airport is the primary international airport serving Saudi Arabia. It is one of the busiest international airports in the world. In 2015, Riyadh Airport handled over 30 million passengers.

For a long time, conventional fluorescent lighting fixtures had been used in Riyadh Airport to illuminate the aircraft escalator. However, this kind of lighting fixture was not so efficient. For example, the dim light caused over time could make people upset, and the operator of the airport was not happy with the high energy consumption and maintenance cost.


Based on the problems above, our customer wanted an LED lighting solution that offered high-performance and sustainability to replace the traditional fluorescent  lighting. Energy saving, lower operation cost, and high light efficiency were the main expectations.

Our Solution:
Venas recommended its LED strip lighting fixtures to replace the fluorescent luminaires for aircraft escalator lighting at Riyadh Airport. This strip light series can offer 20% additional energy saving, and its light efficiency is up to 130lm/W, which is very efficient for aircraft escalator lighting. Passengers can enjoy the bright and comfortable light when using escalators.

We have received the good news that Riyadh Airport is really content with our service and our products. Our customer says they get about 20% reduction in energy consumption, with annual energy saving more than $20,000 in this escalator lighting project. Venas' LED strip light series has been deeply recognized by our Saudi Arabian customer.

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